Sunday, 22 August 2010

Apple harvest

We've been promised / threatened a storm of epic proportions later today - well, epic for August, anyhow.  So today we picked our apple crop, before the wind took what the wasps have left.  We've got a little Worcester Pearmain tree in the garden.  Until we tidied up drastically earlier this year, it was surrounded by shrubs, rather choked by them, and out of reach. We didn't treat it very well.  Now we have hacked a way through to it, the reward is a lovely little crop of apples - enough for a week or two, which is just right, as Worcesters are early, very sweet and not at all long-lasting.  What better way to work out how to 'insert an image' than to post this picture of some of our beautiful apples.

Then we have to wait until November for our next lot - from a very sulky tree with the splendid vaguely Janeite name of D'arcy Spice.  The apples are lovely tart pippins, but we rarely get more than a handful.  I can count how many we'll have on fingers and toes - and they have to stay on the tree for another three months.  Hope they hang in there!


  1. Lovely! You're so lucky to have those gorgeous apples :))


  2. Thank you for being my first commenter, Anne! :)

  3. Lovely pic and post - how wonderful to have apple trees.

  4. The house my family lived in when I was a teenager(high school) had an elderly apple tree in the back yard, which for the first few years gave us small but tasty fruit, enough to make applesauce & such. Then the fruit became knotted & bitter, but the birds & squirrels still gobbled it up.
    After we moved, it was cut down, unfortunately.
    Maybe, now that it's being treated better, your apple tree will give forth more fruit?