Sunday, 22 August 2010

New to blogging

If you find your way to this blog - welcome.  This is a very tentative venture into blogging by myself, after a couple of years as a member of the blogging collective Vulpes Libris.  I have no idea right now if I've got what it takes to compile and sustain a regular blog, but here goes!

I've set it up for a number of reasons, one of which is to experiment with techie things that I'm too scared to try out on Vulpes Libris, in case I consign that wonderful site to oblivion with a careless keystroke.   

Setting up a Blog is also one of the '23 things', a learning scheme for social media, at the end of which you get your Digital Migrant's papers stamped, and become a Digital Citizen.  We're developing this training in my workplace, so this is my homework.

I'm not sure yet what I'll post here - maybe some good things that have happened to me, lovely places I've seen.  I expect I'll record my impressions of what I've read, from time to time, especially if it's a recommendation from one of the Bookfoxes (if it isn't, I'll most likely be reviewing it there first).

Okay, well, I've just previewed my very first post, and have already seen that one of my experiments is yielding useful information.  I'd added some code for the 'Add To Any' Share this button - only to find that Blogger has its own. So out it comes again.  I didn't try and mess with the scripts under the bonnet of VL!  And Wordpress - a word in your ear - if Blogger can incorporate a Share button, so can you.


  1. I've had a general blog since 2003 on xanga & I don't always know what to write. Sometimes I haven't done anything interesting enough to write about & if I write about what's on my mind,I worry about getting too personal, so it a bit of a dilemma. I also have one on livejournal that is purely an art blog & recently started a Tumblr page just to see what it was, which has morphed into a nature commetary, but not in a serious way.For such a dull person, I really have a lot of blogs.
    The point I'm trying to make is that your blog can be a lot of different things & can even change over time, just have fun with it. I've bookmarked yours, so I can see what happens with it. Happy writing!

  2. Thank you Jackie! This is a really encouraging comment. Thanks for follwoing!